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WINTalks are special events, in which exceptional entrepreneurs and innovators share their stories and highlight the keys to their success. 

Past WINTalks:

September 8th, 2017

WINTalk on Artificial Intelligence


Jason Copeland '94, V.P. of Product Management at RingCentral


The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: The Promise, Perils and Your Next Job...


AI really is the next big thing and is likely to be as transformational and "disruptive" as the rise of the Internet itself. Love it or hate it, AI should not be ignored. Smart apps and devices promise real breakthroughs in medicine and safer transportation. But AI is also poised to decimate many jobs that won't be easy to replace. What should you know about AI as a citizen, a student and soon-to-be worker?

October 13th, 2017

WIN Entrepreneurship and Technology Alumni Panel


Tiger Todd '86, Founder of Hero School

Emily Carrion '06, V.P. of Marketing at Smart Assist

Lazaro Carrion '07, Marketing Operations Manager at Remitly


The goal of this panel was to educate students about specific areas of technology and provide them with advice for getting startup ideas off the ground.


Tiger Todd '86 discussed the electronics company he started while a student at Whitman, as well as Hero School, which is a social enterprise he founded that is committed to solving the issue of homelessness. Since its inception, Hero School has helped transform more than 40,000 homeless men and women into contributing members of their communities.

Emily Carrion '06 used her experience as a five-time technology startup veteran to provide valuable insights and advice for students hoping to start their own companies or work in startups. She emphasized the importance of moving forward even when significant challenges stand in the way.

Lazaro Carrion '07 described the many ways in which startups can improve people's lives. As an example, he described how Remitly's platform enables immigrants to transfer funds to their family members in other countries for minimal fees. Overall, the panel members inspired students and excited them about the exhilarating worlds of technology and entrepreneurship. 


October 20th, 2017

WINTalk on Healthcare Technology


Jay Hegeman, C.F.O. of SmartCare


Jay Hegeman discussed how SmartCare, a healthcare tech startup, uses sensor fusion technology to ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly. Their technology measures daily living patterns and automatically reports any movements or activities that seem out of the ordinary. For example, SmartCare's technology can send notifications if:

  • A person falls or stops moving

  • Sleeping patterns change

  • The stove is on while a person is sleeping

  • The refrigerator is open

  • Water is leaking



January 24th, 2018

WINTalk: What it Takes to Sell Two Companies to Google?



Jonathan Sposato '89, Chairman of, CEO of PicMonkey, and an active angel investor



Among his many accomplishments, Jonathan is the first person to sell two companies to Google. He is currently the Chairman of GeekWire, which is a mainstream technology news organization, and the Chairman of PicMonkey, which provides powerful and easy to use photo editing software to millions of people around the world. Jonathan shared his entrepreneurial trajectory and provided advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. 




March 1st, 2018

WINTalk: How to Run a Successful Online Business


Holly Nelson '96, Founder of Recycled Ideas


After graduating from Whitman, Holly founded Recycled Ideas, an online paper-making business. Now, Recycled ideas is becoming the best-selling platable paper producer on the Internet. In this WINTalk, Holly talked about what problems she had encountered in online business and how she creatively solved them. 



September 28th

WINTalk: Taking Your First Step into Tech


Trevor Claiborne, Product Manager of Google Developer


Trevor has previously worked on Google VR, Gmail, AdWords, Website Optimizer, and Google Analytics. As an experienced leader in the tech industry, Trevor shared his career trajectories after college and tips on getting into Google and tech companies in general.